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Development progress

April 21, 2016
We're going forward at a steady rate in development of the Cold Storm Funserver, hit afew bumps on the road but no road blocks yet!
Development has been slacking

April 1, 2016
Development have been put on hold for a few weeks now and will start up slowly again, i havnt been able to focus as much as i used to earlier this year but everything is soon sorted and i will continue to work on the server. The ETA on release is Unknown for now, it was supposed to be mid April but it'll probebly be may/june.

November 30, 2012
Under development, all char will be wiped on release.

Patch download

Download Here

Some of our class changes
Hunter Class Preview
Mage Class Preview

All classes is yet to change at any given time.
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04-25, 10:46 By Wizbae:
@Kochix, thank you for the report. the sigil is no longer a libram! as for the tier's on sets, its nothing major as 99% of the playerbase will still transmog the gear.
04-04, 8:12 By Kochix:
the sigil for the DK is a libram, impossible to equip... and you should change the design of the tier while they get higher, not to make them all the same design... for the rest, looks like a great server!
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