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July 26, 2016
As of today 26 July Cold Storm is officially open!

You need to download and install this patch.
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No characters will be lost, server updates will happen weekly, current content is not everything we have to offer, its just a start to get going.
Free level 255 for a limited time!
Custom Class will be added as time passes!

New website will be developed as time passes.

November 10, 2015
Quick information list.

- Server is not live and will remain closed until i feel like its ready for testing.
- In order to test the server once we reach that state you will need a key code to activate your account for testing, only a limited amount of people will recieve these codes.
- All characters will be wiped after test.
- No previous donations will be granted back due to paypal wiped my transaction history...
- Server will be 255 as before
- Main focus will be on PvE but with pvp modifications to balance classes.
- Solo content will be a major focus aswell.

Futher questions? Ask in shoutbox.

You need to download and install this patch.
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